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Have you ever been so hungry you ate the expired cereal in your cupboard? This isn’t the Hunger Games or Ender’s Game, but this short will take that theme a step further by looking at the lengths we go to (and depths we dive to) when placed in dire circumstances. Filmmaker Rodney Llavarias has made a beautiful short film before, and he was inspired to make Bent by the script, but driving traffic to the campaign has been a challenge.

Check out Rodney’s campaign here, and here are some of my initial thoughts on what’s working and what could be added in updates to help them hit their goal:

STORY: A visual horror film that explores the animal side of man as he backtracks the steps of evolution.

EMOTION: While I think this is an interesting look at our humanity, I am not emotionally drawn into this campaign in the same way that I would be with a Hunger Games or Ender’s Game question of social develoution. I would cut out the first 15 seconds of jokes and get right to the earnest interest in this material by Rodney – who once I get to know, I really admire.

PERSONALITY: Rodney seems thoughtful director who understands cinema history and how this story will fit into it.

CONCEPT: Humanity devolves to our base behavior.

UNIQUE: The project sounds interesting, although I’m not sure what will make it visually unique yet.

FEEL: I’m not sure how this project will feel yet, but I think the video could feel more polished in its set up for us to have more confidence in the project and the team.

BIOGRAPHY: Rodney is inspired by the strange out of the box themes – but I’m still not sure why.

CLARITY: Great details on the page of who is in this project and how it will be executed.

PACE: Slow.

SCOPE: Feels like it can be done.

DESIGN: Some good images and fun GIFs down the page to make it shareable.

CreatorUp: What inspired your project?

“Bent came to me in a peculiar way. My friend in the Dominican Republic asked me if i wanted to read his friend’s script, I quickly accepted and was reading the first draft a few minutes later. As i began to near the middle of the script, I asked my friend if he had sent me the script because i personally enjoy weird “out of the box” stories; he laughed. i finished the script and fell in love with the telling of a moral story in an extreme form. Me and the original writer then worked for months going through many drafts and giving the script a stronger story that would in conjunction welcome the “weird” of the original script.

I personally have always been fascinated with films that delve into darker depths and critique the society we are in. But not blatantly so that is right in your face and loses the force behind making a statement surrealistically and visually, grasping the audience in a different manner, i think that is the brilliance behind “Metropolis”. Luis Buñuel and Tarkovsky’s films also come to mind.

With Bent, we wanted to explore the animal side of man, the lengths he is willing to go to survive in times of oppression. The film also has an underline symbolism of humanity backtracking the steps of evolution but not to just say we are regressing physically and mentally but as a stage to say something more palpable, where are we headed as a society? as a human race? I hope that this is the global dialogue that Bent opens up.

My goal is for people to ultimately have questions after they view the piece. To delve into what it all means, to be thrilled, fascinated or even appalled. I want it to move something in them; so much so it creates an impression and hopefully a desire for change, a desire to be more humane, to create an urge in them to be less indifferent towards the world we currently live in. Wether it’s all those things or any tiny grain of change, I would have succeeded.“

CreatorUp: What has been your biggest challenge with your campaign?

“The biggest challenge so far has been driving traffic to our campaign, we have tried many ways of doing that by emailing bloggers, posting on social media, and on websites that allow you to post your own article, for instance the website allows you to do that, but we haven’t been successful with it either”

CreatorUp: What has been the most successful strategy with your campaign?

“The minimal success we have had with the campaign has been by requesting our friends and family to go check the campaign out, donate and tell all their friends about it.“

Please share in the comments what you think of the video or the campaign? What do you love? What could be done to improve or help the creator reach their goal, or what crowdfunding tips do you have to share?

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