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Congrats! You now have that audience you wanted! You’ve got all these views, and now you’re realizing…wait…I’m doing all the filming, editing, writing, basically everything. I’m putting so much effort into this, why am I not making money? Well money is not going to magically come to you through the computer screen. If you can do everything for your YouTube channel, then you can sell your channel yourself too. It’s time to become a Youtube tastemaker.

Keep calm. Maybe you don’t have zero experience when it comes to sales. Turns out, you know more than you realized. Have you ever seen the most incredible movie in the history of all movies ever made? You try and convince your friends to go see it, right? You may not realize it, but you are technically selling that movie, the consumers being your friends in this scenario. You got this.

You are now an influencer, a tastemaker if you will. People now come to you for all news on the latest cheesecake trends (remember, your channel is all about cheesecake from our last post). You’re the person when it comes to cheesecake.  You are the reporter, not the viewer. It’s a heavy burden, but one you are willing to carry. With all that power, remember to stick to your guns. Cheesecake is your passion.

You are probably reading this wondering when the money is going to come into the conversation. You know you’re passionate, you just want to make a profit from that passion. Sponsors are your answer. You need to find the people or companies who will offer their support (*cough* $$$$ *cough*).

First: you need to make yourself presentable. Ok yes, you need to look nice on camera, but what about your channel? Is it looking like a professional channel, and not just one a thirteen-year old made so they could comment on that video about cats? Is it a one-man (or woman) show? You need to network. You need to partner up with other users, users that are also popular, whether it be in the world that your channel is in, or some other community. Potential sponsors want to see that you are involved in the community, because YouTube ultimately is one, and you need to show that you are a team player. A potential partner does not want to work with someone who is not a team player, someone who does not want to be a part of the world they are creating in.

It’s time to get social. Remember mix tapes back in the 80s? Well the YouTube equivalent is the YouTube playlist. You can make a playlist, just with videos instead of music. Make a playlist of not only your videos, but maybe your favorite videos from other users. That way, you are exposing your audience to other creators, which those creators will appreciate. All this exposure will have you two work out a partnership.

You have the partnership. Sponsors are liking that. They take notice. But now to hold their attention. Know your numbers. Sponsors want to invest in a channel that is getting views. Study up on your channel. You need to know the average number of views on your videos and you need to have an updated number of subscribers. This is like you are pitching a TV show, you need your selling point.

Finally, you have your sponsor! You are overjoyed! Money! But wait…they aren’t just going to hand it to you. They want you to integrate their product in your show. Now it feels like straight up selling. Keep calm, this does not have to be an informercial, we know you’re not the next Billy Mayes (unless your channel honors him, then by all means this isn’t really helping). Let’s go back to the cheesecake example. You make videos about cheesecake because you just really love cheesecake. The Cheesecake Factory wants to partner with you. Easy: go to the Cheesecake Factory, review and eat their cheesecake, because that’s what you do anyway, just be sure that you are actually mention the Cheesecake Factory.

OK so not all product placement will be this easy. But remember, you got your channel started because you are a creative person, and you got the viewership and all the sponsor support because that shines through you! So treat this like a new creative challenge, and use your skills that have earned your claim to fame!

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Written by Grace M

Grace is a film/tv student at Boston University who's dream is to become a writer/the next Mindy Kaling. She has worked at the Cannes Film Festival, as well as all over the country and world, including New York, Los Angeles, and London.

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