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Often, creativity goes unrecognized in a classroom setting. However, when creative talents are rewarded, student can feel encouraged to go above and beyond. CreatorUp has a unique system for recognizing the talents and accomplishments of students: badges. Virtual badges are awarded through Credly and have specific criteria that must be met in order to earn badges. “CreatorUp badges are measures of progress and experience in digital storytelling and video content creation. They serve as a stamp of approval for completing courses and tasks in order to showcase progress to outsiders. Badges are used to make our student’s work feel meaningful for themselves as well as potential employers” (via Corie Bain).

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Sixteen unique badges have been created for CreatorUp’s Summer Accelerator Program. There are two categories of badges that can be issued by either teachers or other students. The more prestigious badges that will be awarded by teachers include awards for the best director, producer, editing, cinematography, sound design, and overall project, among others. In the fun category, students can give each other awards based on good communication skills, helpfulness, creativity, being a team player and other peer recognition.
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Students are excited to receive the badges and show off their talents. Riley Beres, a student in the Accelerator Program, says, “(The badges) are motivational in a way that challenges you to want achieve and earn them.  They aid in helping you feel a sense of satisfaction when achieving a goal or a training.” Riley states that she would like to receive as many badges as possible. Riley is already on the right track to achieve this goal–she has already received a badge for winning the week two in class challenge!

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Badges can be posted to various forms of social media such as LinkedIn, IMdB, Vimeo, YouTube, and other websites to demonstrate credibility and recognition. Peer-issued badges are a great way to reinforce talents and good qualities in others. Badges are a fun and colorful way to showcase accomplishments!

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