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What's the story with CreatorUp?

CreatorUp was started by Mike and Sara, two USC Film School alumni who loved making new creative projects so much, they wanted to keep film school going every day. But they saw the entertainment industry changing at such lightning speeds from analog to digital, and knew they would have to find a way to keep learning fast to keep working in the world of media. Their solution to this rapidly changing digital landscape was simple: high quality instruction taught by working top industry professionals, offered affordably and conveniently. CreatorUp changes old education models to suit every type of learning style, schedule, and budget, always staying true to the hands on applied learning approach Mike and Sara had in film school. Thousands of students have already learned from CreatorUp about how to improve their creative skills, make new projects, and find more work in this exciting new creative economy. Will you be one of them?

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CreatorUp Powers Digital Media Club for Teacher Training

CreatorUp launches a Digital Media Club to provide free digital media training to teachers. The mission of CreatorUp is increase access to top quality creative education and training, empowering anyone, anywhere, to learn the skills they need to tell their story in the digital era – to be heard, and to be seen.

Check it Out Mar 19, 2015

CreatorUp is invited to join top EdTech accelerator program in Silicon Valley, GSVlabs

CreatorUp has been invited to join a top EdTech accelerator program in Silicon Valley, GSVlabs. GSVlabs partners with industry leaders in the high-growth sectors of EdTech, Sustainability, Mobile, and Big Data to build out comprehensive education programming, networking, and thought leadership.

Check it Out Mar 15, 2015

CreatorUp & YouTube Co-Produce Storytelling & Production Lessons for YouTube Creator Academy

CreatorUp and YouTube Co-Produce Storytelling and Production Lessons for YouTube Creator Academy

CreatorUp and YouTube teamed up to produce 12 lessons to help you learn from top YouTubers about developing great ideas and producing them effectively to build a successful channel. Lessons are taught by all-star channel creators including Soul Pancake, Freddie Wong, Mystery Guitar Man, and more.

Check it Out Jan 15, 2015

CreatorUp Strikes Educational Collaboration with General Assembly

CreatorUp is excited to announce a collaboration with General Assembly, the Programming, & Business professional training hub. The two education companies will co-produce local events relevant to both entertainment and technology. The partnership will provide opportunities for both communities to test drive online courses and participate in live educational workshops. To learn more about the first live master class on "Buillding Your Brand with Online Original Concent," you can visit the RSVP page here.

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CreatorUp Selected at SXSW Edu 2015 to Host Mobile Video Storytelling Workshop for Teachers

CreatorUp was recently selected by SXSW Edu to host a mobile video storytelling workshop for teachers of all levels to learn the foundations of visual storytelling and rapid media making. A short preview of the workshop description reads: "Make your own Khan Academy: Foundations in visual storytelling in a media driven culture are just as essential to students today as learning how to read and write. In this workshop, teachers will learn how to tell a story using videos that they capture on their phone during the session. Study foundations of visual storytelling, mobile media basics, and master the mobile phones as a video camera tools that teachers or students could use in or outside the classroom to tell their own stories."

Jan 8, 2015

Top YouTube Network Joins CreatorUp to Teach Creators to Make Great Videos

CreatorUp partners with AwesomenessTV, a Multi-Channel YouTube Network with over 100K channels, to provide educational training to its creators through on-demand courses and online training. CreatorUp is the first learning company to partner directly with a Multi-Channel Network to help YouTubers make better videos and grow their channels, and AwesomenessTV creators have already enrolled in over 20 CreatorUp courses, with hundreds participating in a talent discovery "Boost Camp" program.

Jan 2, 2015

Fresh Soda Brand Taps CreatorUp Students to Make New Projects

POPwater, the popular flavored soda, teamed up with CreatorUp students in a 3 hour workshop to make branded content spots for the brand's social networks.

Dec 15, 2014

Film Independent & CreatorUp Launch Filmmaker Hackathon

Film Independent teamed up with CreatorUp at the recent Film Independent Forum and we issued a challenge to four teams of creative minds: invent an app that will help filmmakers connect directly with their audience and that could have the potential to change the world. All four teams had at least one filmmaker and at least one “techie.” They had 48 hours to create something, and presented their results to an audience at the Forum. The creators of the most innovative project with the greatest potential for social impact was declared the winner (and received Los Angeles Film Festival passes as their prize.)

Read more Nov 7, 2014

California Community College Partners with CreatorUp to Make Entertaining Video Lessons

How can you engage students inside and outside the classroom in a world that’s flooded with digital distractions? Show up on their phones. Contribute to the conversation with something to say that speaks the language of students living in around the world of social media – video. We recently partnered with Feather River College to develop a soft skills in the work place video curriculum for the New World of Work, and we premiered the video lessons at the annual conference for the National Association of Community College Entrepreneurship in Arizona this year.

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San Diego Film Festival and CreatorUp Launch Web Filmmaker Discovery Program

The San Diego Film Festival has teamed up with CreatorUp, the online Web series school, to launch a Web talent discovery program for the 13th annual Festival. The purpose of the program is to cultivate and discover talented web filmmakers by providing resources to learn how to create great digital content like Web series, spec commercials and branded content videos. San Diego Film Festival filmmakers and amateur Festival enthusiasts alike applied for a month long online branded content certification program with CreatorUp in August 2014, a chance to learn the nuts and bolts of Web development, low budget production, and digital marketing. Two full scholarships were provided. The six Web-certified students will earn the exclusive opportunity to participate in a two-day Digital Bootcamp in San Diego just prior to the Festival. The Bootcamp is a chance to write, shoot and complete a Web series or spec commercial pilot in two days. Web filmmakers receive accommodations during the camp, a free Festival pass and a chance to feature the project at the Festival and with sponsors. The San Diego Film Festival collaboration with CreatorUp makes it the first festival to provide ongoing filmmaker entrepreneurship training to its community of filmmakers and Festival goers, and signals that the festival is on the cutting edge of the entertainment industry by promoting filmmaker entrepreneurship and development into the digital age.

Read more Ang 26, 2014

Usher New Look Foundation & CreatorUp Make Spark Your Story Workshop

Usher’s New Look Foundation (UNLF) is proud to announce our first-ever Spark Your Story Workshop. On Saturday July 26th, New Look will partner with the online film school CreatorUp to show you how to take your voice a step further with the Spark Your Story Workshop. We will show you how to document your story – any story – and show the world. At Spark Your Story, you’ll meet other students with the same passions, interests and drive, and you’ll be able to collaborate with each other to make your project a reality.

July 26, 2014

CreatorUp & POV Co-Sponsor LA Hackathon for Artists & Technologists

POV and CreatorUp co-sponsored the first Los Angeles based hackathon where artists from all backgrounds work with developers to launch innovative multi-media projects.

Read more May 1, 2014

CreatorUp Part of Startup Trends From DreamIt Ventures Demo Day

CreatorUp promises to teach anyone how to make compelling video content for their websites. Founded by a team of USC film students, the CreatorUp platform features video courses on topics like "How to Make DIY Business videos," which cost users anywhere from $30 to $100 a piece.

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Aug 7, 2013

DreamIt's Super-Startups Of 2013 Includes CreatorUp

DreamIt Ventures, an accelerator program that operates programs in New York and Philadelphia,announced the list of startups including CreatorUp that will be plowing through its three-month NYC summer initiative. The startups will enjoy seed funding (up to $25K per company), mentors, office space, and contacts to potential investors and partners.

Read more May 10, 2013

CreatorUp Wins Spot In One Of The Summer's Most Competitive Accelerator Programs

DreamIt Ventures, a multi-city startup accelerator program like TechStars and Y Combinator, has selected 16 startups including CreatorUp for its summer session in New York. The three-month program gives each startup a stipend of up to $25,000 and mentorship. There's a Demo Day at the end attended by press and investors. Some of the better known startups to come out of DreamIt are SCVNGR, Adaptly, Winston and SeatGeek.

Read more May 10, 2014

CreatorUp Links You With Top Filmakers & YouTube Creators To Make Awesome Web Series

CreatorUp is the online web series school teaching the next generation of web series creators how to make and market their own new video projects on the web. Aspiring creators learn by connecting with top web filmmakers and YouTubers on a topics specific to the web: developing a web series, producing web series, writing for genres like comedy & sci-fi, directing, editing, camera, Kickstarter funding, show hosting, distribution, and marketing. Learning experience includes: on-demand online video tutorial courses, live video-conference workshops, as well as individual online consultations, live workshops, and group programs.

Read more April 1, 2013

Can An Online School Teach You Web TV Production for Under $100?

I've been writing about web series for almost four years now, and I've seen a lot of them. Mostly I've seen a lot of bad ones. That's because making a good web series is just as hard, if not harder, than making an independent film. Why harder? In addition to getting the basics of production right and crafting an engaging story (which even TV networks have a hard time doing), indie TV creators also have to forge individual distribution and marketing strategies, design websites, merchandise and build audiences. In short, they have to take on responsibilities that in traditional film and television are more often handled by established firms. Contemporary web TV is only a few years old. Everything is new.

Read more May 10, 2014

Learning The Ropes Of Internet Video With CreatorUp

You've got a great idea for a web video series, but how do you learn about how to make that happen, to get distribution, and monetize that video? Los Angeles-based CreatorUp wants to help aspiring online video producers with an online web education series. We spoke with Michael Tringe, one of the startup's co-founders, to learn more about what the company is getting set to launch.

Read more April 1, 2013

CreatorUp Launches Online Shool to Teach Creative Skills that Pay Off

USC Film School Alumni launch CreatorUp: an online school with courses taught by entertainment industry pros to teach anyone creative skills that pay off. The first four courses included: Creative Development, Producing, Web Distribution, and Crowdfunding. Co-founders Mike and Sara have worked in the entertainment industry for over 10 years at companies including National Geographic, CAA, Blip Networks, and Sony - and they wanted to find a way to conveniently and affordably provide a premium level creative skills education for the next generation.

Jan 1, 2013


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