5 Video Contest Tips on How to Make a Winning Video

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If you’ve ever seen a video contest and wondered if it was worth your time to apply – it’s worth noting that a lot of filmmakers are able to get their careers started by creating some of these spec commercials with bigger brands – but there’s a right and a wrong way to approach them if you want to get noticed or even win.

USC Filmmaking graduate Giordany Orellana has won contests upward of $10K for big brands like Nokia, Microsoft, Casio, and Benamin Moore – so if you’re interested in learning more about winning strategies and video contest tips, join our teacher Giordany’s upcoming free lab:

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Meet Giordany and check out some of his winning projects:

Here are some of his top tips he’s learned along his journey entering, winning, and of course losing a few along the way.

“Video Contest Tip 1: If you think you have a great idea, think again, because someone also probably has the same idea. Don’t try to shoot the first idea that comes to mind, try to shoot the 4th or 5th version of it. Usually the first few things you think of, someone else has probably already thought of.

Video Contest Tip 2: Make something that’s actually funny. Other entries can be really bland and boring.

Video Contest Tip 3: Make something different. We didn’t do what everyone else did.

Video Contest Tip 4: Don’t do $1,000 contests. Especially if they don’t have secondary prizes.

Video Contest Tip 5: Consider flooding it with information, which marketers LOVE.”

Join Giordany for his upcoming lab to learn more video contest tips.

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