4 Ways to Start Crowdfunding for Startups

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Startups are a special breed. In my opinion there is no other part of the industry where an entrepreneurial project can establish a career so successfully. Your Startup project’s campaign is an extension of what it stands for as a brand, and one important part of a brand is who knows about it.

• As I’ve said before, focus your initial efforts on whomever you already know who will listen to what you have to say. Family and friends are indispensible because their combined donations can make getting that first step so much easier. Crowdfunding for startups uses these initial networks as their backbone because there is power in numbers. The stronger your first push is the better.

• Outside of your immediate network, don’t forget about other marketers you may know of. Friends and family will do whatever they can for you but chances are their careers have nothing to do with the industry. Marketers are there to fill that void because they understand the ins and outs of successful niche marketing, which is absolutely necessary when crowdfunding for startups.

• Expand your options even more by considering other members of your community. Which groups will be apt to pay for what you’re offering? Is there some sort of cultural tie-in you could make to make your project more appealing? Businesses and wholesalers can be especially useful if you’re looking for a sponsor. They might be able to get a tax write off for whatever money they donate to your cause. Be resourceful with those around you because you never know which potential donors have a card up their sleeve.

Successful crowdfunding for startups means you have many variables at your disposal. The sky is the limit. When deciding who to reach out to make sure to consider everything they may be able to bring to your project, and don’t discount anyone. You never know if down the road they could be the perfect contact.

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