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One useful idea that we haven’t discussed yet is actually raising money before you launch your campaign. While we have emphasized the importance of your all-encompassing first impression, it helps to have the numbers already there to back it up. Which is more impressive, a campaign that has no sponsors? Or one that already has 30% or more of its target goal? This is a good number to try and hit because its not impossible by any means and it carries a solid heft when potential donors hear it.

One example of a successful crowdfund marketing campaign is Video Game High School, created by YouTube Celebrity Freddy Wong. Video Game High School is “an action/comedy series about surviving high school, fitting in, and landing that perfect head shot,” according to their project page. Both the second and third seasons were funded entirely through Kickstarter, and the third season broke the record for a web-series crowdfund marketing campaign last year.


Wong used Indiegogo to make his project happen and beat his initial goal by over $750,000 according to The Wrap. Because this was Video Game High School’s third season, it already had a wide, stable base of people who knew about it. These fans contributed to the crowdfund marketing from the get-go, making it more desirable to donors who may have not been familiar with the property.

Also, don’t focus on only on cash and check donations. Line up key orders that could lead to distribution down the road before anything else, and make sure to have the 30% of your money ready before Day 1. Each project’s timeline will differ so don’t be discouraged if things are going slower than you hoped. Patience is a virtue, and more time will only give you more chances to lock it down even for the next day pitch.

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